High Risk Pregnancy In Powai

A high-risk pregnancy is a pregnancy in which the mother or unborn child is more likely to have serious medical problems.Our doctor nilima tandekar who provides high risk pregnancy in powai in recent years, women have been giving birth at an older age, and more and more pregnant women are suffering from conditions such as pre-eclampsia and gestational diabetes. Similarly, there are more high-risk pregnancies than ever before. A "high-risk" pregnancy is one in which you may need more careful medical care throughout your pregnancy to ensure that you and your unborn child have the healthiest pregnancy and delivery possible.One of the best treatment of high risk pregnancy in powai is Offered by our doctor, Nilima Tandekar. According to her, a high-risk pregnancy has its ups and downs and can be physically, emotionally and financially challenging. A high-risk pregnancy requires extra attention or monitoring during the pregnancy.

Careness In High Risk Pregnancy

There is no guarantee that a high-risk pregnancy will be more difficult or complicated than a low-risk pregnancy. If you have had one high-risk pregnancy, it does not mean that all subsequent pregnancies will also be high-risk. However, the probability of preterm birth in the next pregnancy increases if the previous pregnancy ended in preterm birth.Visit to our clinic and consult with our doctor who provides high risk pregnancy in powai. If your pregnancy involves additional risks, it may be necessary to make changes to your usual prenatal care. This may include more prenatal visits for you and the fetus, as well as more scans or blood tests. Sometimes it may be necessary to change or add new medications.

We have specialist doctor of high risk pregnancy in powai premature birth can happen to anyone, but people who have had a previous premature birth are at greater risk. Multiple pregnancies are an additional risk factor. They can have a positive outcome and a comfortable pregnancy if these high-risk pregnancies are identified and managed properly.In fact, many risk factors can be identified before conception.Your primary care physician or personal obstetrician can ensure that your general health, gynecological health and use of the best treatments are optimized and safe for pregnancy.

Risks Factors

  • Existing medical issues
  • Obesity and overweight
  • A number of births
  • Age of the mother, young or old

  • Diagnosis:

    When you see a gynaecologist, our doctor Nilima Tandekar, who offers outstanding care for high risk pregnancy in Powai, must address the following issues during the examination:

    • To accurately identify specific risk factors, the pregnant woman must provide a complete medical history.
    • Maternal physical examination to identify or rule out risk factors
    • Routine laboratory examinations for common maternal diseases are performed.
    • In-depth maternal laboratory tests to detect any diseases detected during the screening procedure.